The search of the plain white t-shirt

by TraceySloan on March 22, 2011

Finding the perfect plain white t-shirt sounds so easy.  It can actually be one of your biggest fashion challenges.  So many to choose from, they are all look just fine, but once you find that perfect, soft white t-shirt that fits you perfectly  you don’t want to live without it.  They are hard to replace  since most companies make new variations from year to year.  Everyone has their favorites so once you find yours I would suggest buying several so you always can easily replace it.  They are usually inexpensive and they always need replacing.

My facebook friends offered some suggestions on their favorite brands…..some of the favorites were: Nordstrom T’s, Splendid, Missimo from Target, J Crew vintage V necks, and my personal favorite is LA Made $24….I was so psyched to have found fresh new shirts after trying to track them down after several months.  I bought 3 white, one light blue and one orange.

What are your favorite brands?

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